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Moore County Schools proudly offers a virtual learning environment for K-12 students.

All students have access to a live, highly-qualified teacher. K-8 students participate in core classes with their teacher and peers daily. High school students can participate in a variety of virtual learning opportunities offered from core courses (with live teaching components) to a range of elective courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and eligible students can dual enroll in Sandhills Community College courses for free under through the Sandhills Promise!

Moore County Schools consists of 23 schools that provide individualized, rigorous instruction for all students. We believe that a strong virtual school partnership positively impacts our diverse community of learners. Moore County Schools is proud to offer a robust virtual program and we invite you to join us on this journey. 

Daily Structure of the Virtual Program

  • connect studentTeachers will regularly check in on both student academic as well as social-emotional needs.  Developing relationships between teacher and student as well as student to student will always be our primary concern, whether virtual or face-to-face.
  • Students will learn new grade-level content from a certified and fully-licensed MCS teacher.
  • Virtual students will learn the same grade-level content as their face-to-face peers, paced in the same way.
  • Students will continue to receive all traditional supports (ie, AIG, EC, ESL, 504) virtually. 
  • Students who participate in Virtual will be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities and sports within their home/domiciled school.
  • Students in K-8 engage in live sessions and assignments with teachers as well as recorded lessons/materials.
  • Students in 9-12 may engage in live sessions with teachers as well as recorded lessons/materials, and are expected to submit assignments daily. 
  • Activities and lessons will be grade level appropriate- both in the complexity of the task as well as the amount of time required to complete.
  • Students will experience some hands-on work that does not require a device to complete. 
  • Students will receive a device to keep at home for virtual instruction.  Students are expected to have reliable internet in their home, but students with WiFi interruptions in their homes will be provided mobile hotspots.

Instruction in the Virtual Program

  • Students will be assigned work and communicated with through a Learning Management System: Google Classroom (grades K-5), Canvas (grades 6-12).
  • Work will be graded consistent with current MCS grading policies.
  • Live learning sessions or virtual support will be provided through Google Meet.  Live learning sessions will follow a regular schedule that will be shared with both students and parents.  Live learning sessions will be recorded for students to view later, if unableconnect teacher to attend.  
  • Live learning sessions will be time-appropriate for students, in other words, students will not be asked to sit through live virtual sessions all day long.  These live learning sessions will be balanced with activities and assignments that are completed both individually and collaboratively with classmates.
  • Students will participate in all mandated testing based on their enrollment.  Students will be required to physically come to the school campus for any mandated state testing. 
  • Virtual teachers will receive ongoing professional development in how to most effectively teach in a virtual environment.  
  • Students or Parents in need of technical support should visit this site:   www.ncmcs.org/virtualsupport 

Is virtual learning right for you?

Connect Academy: Virtual is a good option for students who:
- Have access to reliable, consistent internet
- Have a Home Learning Partner
- Have a history of academic success
- Can commit to at least a full semester


Digital Learning Platforms

K-5 Students
will utilize Google Classroom as their main learning platform. This is where teachers will post assignments, videos for class, Google Meet links, students submit assignments, and receive feedback on their work. See the information below to learn more about Google Classroom. 
Link: How to log on to Google Classroom
Video: How to Use Google Classroom for Parents! Video: Submitting an assignment correctly in Google Classroom

6-12 Students
will utilize Canvas as their main learning platform. This is where teachers will post assignments, videos for class, Google Meet links, students submit assignments, and receive feedback on their work. See the information below to learn more about Canvas.
  Link: Become a Parent Observer in Canvas
Video: Canvas for Parents

Need More Virtual Learning Support:
Check out the Moore County Schools Virtual Learning Support Site

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