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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all courses be offered in Connect! Academy?

All core content will be offered virtually k-8. MCS will continually assess the feasibility of offering electives/specials virtually and will work to make this happen as much as possible.

High school students will have access to all core classes and a wide range of choices for electives including most AP classes, along with Sandhills community college classes for all students who qualify. 

Once enrolled, can I change my mind and move back to Face-to-Face instruction?

When enrolling, we ask for a firm commitment to the virtual program for one semester.  We will work with families that may be struggling in order to provide as much support as possible for success.   If a student is still not successful with virtual learning, a placement back in a face-to-face setting will then be considered.

If I enroll, how long is my commitment to Connect! Academy?

We ask that all families commit to Connect! for at least one semester.

Can my child participate in athletics and/or extracurricular activities while enrolled in Connect?

Yes.   Students who are enrolled in Connect! can continue to take advantage of these opportunities at their home/domiciled school.

Will my child need to participate in state and local testing requirements?

Yes.  Students in Connect! are subject to all state and local testing requirements.  Students will be required to physically come to the school campus for any mandated state testing.

Will my student still be enrolled at their home/domiciled school?

No.   Connect would be a standalone school and therefor your child would be enrolled in it as a student and would be subject to the requirements of that school. 

Can I apply if my child is not a Moore County School student?

, you can apply if your child is not currently a MCS student. If you reside in Moore County you will need to complete the new student enrollment form found HERE. If you currently do not reside in Moore County you will have to follow the discretionary transfer process to get into the Connect Academy. For families who currently do not reside in Moore County please contact Mr. Swofford at [email protected] or call 910-947-2603 and he will help you with the enrollment process.

How do I register my child for the Connect! Virtual Academy?

Directions for registering your child can be found at this LINK. If you need help with this process you can email Mr. Swofford at [email protected] or call at 910-947-2678.

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